Art by Rangutan

As a student, I was guided towards science and technology, wish I had more classes in art!

1980 Original of "Tech-Explosion" by Rangutan is at


More like doodles that real canvas art, some of my amateur artwork is displayed at DeviantArt.


Some art mirrored at  Pinterest.


I like design, it was always a strong point in my career and hobbies and should have trusted my self more to go deeper into the talent. 


I post memes at imgur, some of them my own, including my Photoshop manipulated images. Most memes and blunt use/sharing of media will be illegal in the EU soon -Articles 11 & 13 Exact definitions are still being debated.


We are so happy that my father treated photography and film as a serious way to archive our growing up, activities and adventures. I continue this and have shared thousands of images on the internet, a lot still in my basement


HD images are now at  "500px", seven added every week or so.


Pixabay offers copyright-free HQ photography.


My travel photography is at  Globosapiens. My delight, around 2000 images in various sections of this travel forum. 


Some snapshots at home and around at Flikr 


Now also at Instagram too for the every-day social pics.


1978-1986 my father had a Betamax camera which I was allowed to take on some of my adventures. Otherwise, just messing around with a simple compact Olympus-μ series camera or, now, Samsung tablet for Youtube.  Uploaded ~ 10 hours of archive material, mostly 5-10 minute clips.


Have archived ~ 30 hours of video and there are ~3 hours of 8mm/16mm film from my father still to be digitalized.