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COVID-19 Report for Calender Week 11 ending Saturday 2020-03-14

I am pretty upset that no media and so few doctors remind us how to improve our our immune-systems: Even vitamins C & D (sunlight) are effective. These will not cure  but will take you out of the high death-risk group. Cook spicy with turmeric and chili too? Listen also to Dr. John Bergmann and Robert Franz 


I am sure others could do it better but here is my second weekly update.  The overall picture of CORVID-19 changes dramatically. The tables (sheets) below expand the statistics from BNO comparing calender week 10 with this last week 11. Unique to this data is also the use of population,  yearly tourist volume and north-south country positions. The virus seems to be under control in the first two hot-spots, China and South Korea. The spread continues in high latitudes of the northern hemisphere where it is winter now and the most airtraffic is. Red cells are alarming, green cells are good news! Seven images below.


Image 11.1: Sorting by new cases this week (column AD)

- week 9 stats are in dark grey, week 10 stats are in light grey, new stats for week 11 on the right (white)

- there were only 93 new cases reported from China this week, not even on this top part of the sheet!


Image 11.2:  Sorting by total cases/million population (column AG)

- on the cruise-ship Diamond Princess 697 of the 3700 souls onboard were tested positive (only 19%), only 1% died!

- shows the true hot-spots. San Marino, Iceland, Italy, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, Iran, Denmark and Spain!

- the case rate is decreasing in South Korea and Iran (column AH)


Image 11.3: Sorting by total deaths/million population (column AI)

- the death rate in China is only about 2 persons per million inhabitants and about 4% of tested cases

- Italy currently shows that 24 citizens per million have deid of the virus!

- Iran and Spain have high death rates per million population!

- deaths in Germany, Austra, USA, Japan, Sweden, UK and Norway are minimal!


Image 11.4: Percentage deaths of reported cases till this week (column AK)

- Death rate on the criuse-ship Diamond Princess is still ~1%. I take this as the true indication of the mortality rate.

- the death rates shown here for countries with less than 100 reported cases is not applicable yet.

- very concearning: Italy, Iran & Spain. Either, not all positive cases are reported, or the medical services are inferior?


Image 11.5: CORVID-19 Cases south of the 27°N latitude-line 

- confirmed cases in my southern equi-population zone (see also map below) total only 1697 with only 14 deaths! 

- not all countries in the southern zone are listed here, those not listed have zero known cases.


Image 11.6: World divided into two lateral zones, north and south, of approximately equal population.

- the virus should die out in northern hemisphere summer as people get less runny noses and heat kills viruses.

- There are only few cold cities in the southern hemisphere winter.

- Argentina, New Zealand & South Africa can expect pandemic outbreaks in June-August 2020?


Image 11.7: Some stats by "Worldometer".... "I  have a dim chance of surviving COVID-19 !" RRG


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See also map showing infected town and cities by Avi Schiffman

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