University of Witwatersrand 1980 - 1988 BSc (Building)

Starting with results. I was that time the second "Graspointner" ever to get a degree, farmer genetics? The first was Anreas (Archeologist)

Some photos:  Campus, Great Hall, My vacation work 4th year, my commuter


A student project about labour-relations in RSA, video presentation.

Not only lectures but lab work too and day trips to cement factory and construction sites like Sun City phase III

Not only day trips but night trips too!

In third year, we raised money in many ways to pay for a tour of Brazil.  Aim: comparing construction to RSA. 

Then it happened! Result>: best (study) holiday ever!

See also videos at far down on the list or Google videos "S. America 1985" and "S. America 1986".


4th year students and staff (who has the best suite?)

Finally graduated in 1988


After graduating managed construction sites. See My Construction Sites at FaceBook