SARS-Cov-2 / Covid-19 Report for September 2020 ending 2020-09-30


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Highlight: a re-look at Covid-19 vs Technology (World) 


The best Covid-Data video I have seen this year till September is by Ivor Cummins. For six-months I have produced data in a "deaths-per-million-citizens" way when governments, press and TV have refused to do, Cummins too! (37 minutes) ... Now that the deaths have gone, I feel relieved (being amoungst the top risk groups) and do not need to do reports anymore my self. This is the last report in the series. Thanks for reading. RRG


Most interesting links in September for discussion: 

Meanwhile in Ireland by Dave Cullen

GDP Growth 2020 (est. Q3) Wawamustats

Covid-19 Aerosol? (German text, old)  


Image 40.1 a&b  Compare Light-Pollution Map with Covid-19 World Map

Proof: This does not mean light causes covid but that, where there is light pollution and other electrosmog, immune systems are weakened. Cancer and heart-attacks are just as more common in these regions! Think?



Left: Sorted by column EC (covid-deaths-per-million) World median is 35 deaths/million

Right: Column ED is the change in deaths-per-million the last two weeks. World median is 1 extra death-per-million



Left: countries with the highest recovery rates. World median recovery rate is 81%

                                                                                                 Right: Sorted by column EF, best changes in the recovery rate.


Screenshots from Ivor Cummins's Report 

Free counters!


Covid and Race


Latinos are not a minority in South America and the deaths (per million) there are worse than the USA as shown below. Fact is obvious that italo/franco/hispanic/latino DNA has a bigger issue with this virus, in Europe too, see cases of the crescent Italy-Spain-France-Belgium including San Marino and Andorra! Philippines, 14% Hispanic blood, is worst off in South-East Asia. 


Then also, blacks in the USA & UK are not getting the sunlight (vitamin D) they get in ancestral Africa and not the nutrition either, rather junk-food, weakened immune-systems.


Native Americans north and south have had an issue with viruses since the day Columbus arrived! Asians in USA are eating Western junk-food in America and not the healthier eastern food.  


Media reports that USA has the most covid "cases" but considering population size, USA is #11 in deaths-per-million of all countries. UK, worse, is #10


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