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The Universe according to Rangutan - A very logical explanation of gravity


Revival and Expansion of the "Le Sage Gravitation Theory"


"Gravity to me is a 2D observable result of a 3D invisible universal wind!"  RRG1988





Pretty absurd that two objects on either side of the universe should magically ‘attract’ each other. I am afraid that all scientists are delirious about gravity. Since childhood I have questioned everything I am told, and always sought to research/explain every mystery of life, with success. In 1988 I first envisioned what gravity really is, the current theories have bothered me immensely the last 30 years. Till today, I have positive reactions from all friends but zero response from scientists, I assume they are silent as not to be ridiculed by peers for thinking differently? I challenge 'hype-scientists' to make their IQs public since a lot are merely educated technicians.



With this revolutionary kind of  ‘Rangutan's Gravitation’, I revive and claim the theory that gravity is a push force, not a pull force, and that gravity, as we generally envisage it, is only the observable result. There are millions of black-holes turning common atoms into radiating tiny but powerful ‘tachyons’ from the poles, under extreme pressure, at the center of heavy bodies like at the center of galaxies. The particles are either ejected at speeds greater than that of light, or/and, have an incredible high frequency not yet detectable, explaining their mysterious powerful force called ‘gravity’.  Basically,  DARK ENERGY = RADIATING GRAVITONS = TACHYONS and Gravity is the result of inter-galactical gravitational waves.



We cannot detect this ‘total-universal-radiation’ with equipment made of matter, the tachyons even travel through atoms. It is their field, on passing near or through an atom, that causes the pushing force on masses. Direct collisions of tachyons with electrons may cause the building of atoms of higher mass, or collisions with nuclei, the decay of atoms? This collective multi-frequencial, powerful radiation "rains" on us evenly and constantly, pushing us and objects, apparently, down on the surface of the Earth, in the direction towards the center-of-mass of the Earth or any other large body in space, where as we are shielded from the pushing force from below due to the dense Earth’s core. The resultant force is then obviously seen as attraction. Likewise, the Earth and other planets are ‘pushed’ towards the Sun and similarly our solar system toward the center of our galaxy, saved by their rotational speed (temporarily). This effect explains why the universe is expanding. Radiation pushes! We are lucky to be near the center of the universe and have a stable gravitational constant, not (unaware) the same all over the universe. On the outskirts of the universe galaxies are being pushed away from the us with increasing speeds!. 

If one is looking for an anti-gravitational method then the shield should not be between the two masses but a magnetic field on the outer side of the smaller object, an anti-tachyon "umbrella". 

This theory is an upgrade of that by George-Louis Le Sage, 1747. 

The term "tachyon" was coined by Gerald Feinberg in 1967. 

Nikola Tesla called this energy  "free energy" or "ether" in 1938


 Consequences: (to be expanded)

  •  explains where the mass goes in black-holes
  •  tachyons likely become electrons when captured by an atom, increasing the atomic number                   H>He>>>>>Fe>>>>>Ag>>>>>
  •  dark-energy is the total tachyon radiation
  •  dark-matter is non-radiating, no star-light, not active, dust and gases
  •  solution to anti-gravity is a shield ABOVE the object, not UNDER the object
  •  explains why the universe is expanding at an accelerating pace
  •  we are near the center of the universe where things are pretty stable
  •  the gravitational constant applies to our local group of galaxies only
  •  galaxies on the outskirts of the universe are elliptical?
  •  compare speed, frequency and momentum/energy of electrons, photons, x-ray, gamma-ray, neutrino and     tachyons
  •  dispute the time-space model
  •  dispute electromagnetic “waves”. Really, photons etc are like bullets from a machine-gun. When they pass a   detector, they show a wave-like energy field
  •  tachyons cannot be “seen” or detected by conventional equipment, too fast!
  •  a man-made mini black-hole could communicate beyond the speed of light (pulsar effect)
  •  if star-input runs-out, the black-hole dies out!
  •  explains a lot of weird astronomical observations

Space-Time BS:

Einstein was wrong about ONE thing. This is why he died confused and frustrated?

Einstein: "Space and time are fluid, affected by gravity and your speed. "

Rangutan: "Time yes ... but space dimensions are fixed. Traveling faster, your atom orbits (and that of your clock) are elongated causing them to slow, therefore slowing time.  


A Theory of how  "Dark Energy" is produced by Rangutan



Experiment 1 (complicated): The Casimir Effect https://physicsworld.com/a/the-casimir-effect-a-force-from-nothing/

Experiment 2 (simple): The gravitational shield must be like an umbrella between the object and space, not between two masses!

  • Find a large sensitive scale.
  • Buy ~100 computer hard-discs with high spinning rates
  • Weigh the raw unconnected discs
  • Secure against foreign forces
  • Weigh the discs when running/spinning
  • The difference in weight should prove a gravitational-shielding-principle.
  • The spinning discs are refracting incoming universal radiation like tachyons, therefore reducing gravity? 



They say light is a wave and matter. Well  light is ONLY moving matter, radiating photons, shot from a source at a certain rate. The frequency is the amount of  photos passing/striking an object.  They are spinning so have a field? The illusion comes from when detecting radiation on apparatus, the passing photons show as a wave on the screen but their movement is NOT in a wave form like ripples on water.  Photos and tachyons are shot from their source like bullets from machine-gun. There is nothing physical to what they call "light-waves", just as silly as talking about a "wave of bullets" or "wave of refugees"! Similarly, the radiation of tachyons is NOT a wave but a type of wind, the effect on solid matter is called "gravity". The effect of light on solid matter is called "heat".


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Scientists confused because they think gravity "pulls". No, it pushes objects together in the center of the universe and apart on the outside of the universe.

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