Estimated Orbit of SpaceX Starship SN20 on BN3 Booster Rocket

"SpaceX has revealed the flight plan for the first orbital test launch of the company’s huge stainless steel Starship rocket, a 90-minute, around-the-world mission that will originate from South Texas and culminate with a controlled re-entry and splashdown in the Pacific Ocean near Hawaii."

Spaceflight Now  2021-05-13


Launch expected July-September 2021.


This is my estimated orbit based simply on the rocket passing between Florida and Cuba. Can anyone help us with a more accurate orbit calculation? RRG


Estimated Path


Estimated Pass over Southern Africa


Estimated Path over Papua


If launched around midday (10am - 2pm), SN20 might be visible as a satellite in Southern Africa (evening) and Timor/Papua (early morning). SN20 will pass over ~90 water and only ~10% land; Turk & Caicos Islands (Caribbean), Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe-Zambia), Timor Island, West Papua (New Guinea) and Micronesia (Pacific).


Paths of BN3 and SN20 by SpaceX


As of 2021-05-24 no YouTube sites show the path of SN20 and one site showing the wrong path (over Europe) with it burning main engines the whole way and wrong orientation for re-entry!


Rockets Comparison (Wikipedia)

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