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Currently looking for partners and investors; financial, translation, CAD, research, model & prototype building.

My Patents:

Inventing things since I could walk,  20+ inventions (of many) are to be patented soon. To see a preliminary list of these, see the page Inventions. Details and sub-pages are hidden until a patent is filed or rejected.


Other Innovations & Open-Source Ideas: 

Impossible to patent all my inventions and a lot of them are not qualified as patents, too weak, vague, just ideas or would take up too much time. I hand these designs over to others to be developed freely. Examples can be seen at  > Open-Source and detailed in the up-and-coming sub-pages. Let us, together, make the world a better place!


Other pages here:

- community work and ecovillage design

- my philosophy  (under construction)

- my art

- travel tips

- my heroes

- my 12 Facebook portals

- YouTube links

- useful links for inventors

- visit Munich (Bavaria) (under construction)