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Currently looking for partners and investors; financial, translation, CAD, research, model & prototype building.

Patent Dreamer?

Inventing things since I could walk,  20+ inventions (of many) are to be patented soon. To see a preliminary list of these, see the page Inventions. Details and sub-pages are hidden until a patent is filed or rejected.


Other Innovations & Open-Source Ideas: 

Impossible to patent all my inventions and a lot of them are not qualified as patents, too weak, vague, just ideas or would take up too much time. I hand these designs over to others to be developed freely. Examples can be seen at  > Open-Source and detailed in the up-and-coming sub-pages. Let us, together, make the world a better place!


Current Project: CoVid-19 Data Analysis and expansions:

Month June CoVid Update and Covid vs Country Life Expectancy < NEW

Week 24 Covid vs Country Average Age

Week 23 Tables, graphs and intermediate conclusions 

Week 22 Why I do this! Updated tables & graphs

Week 21 Covid again by world regions, special graphs  for the Americas and Africa

Week 20 Covid vs Chilli, obesity, rural vs urban

Week 19  Population Density, IT-reach, I.Q., 5G

Week 18  Recovery percentages 

Week 17  Graphs per 1000 citizens

Week 16  Cases and deaths now per thousand, yearly flu visits.

Week 15   5G question 

Week 14   Case update by IT-reach, average I.Q., pollution-indicies and by median age of a country.

Week 13   First recovery data, cases by world regions.

Week 12   Cases by north-south of latitude 27°N, questioning case and death numbers.

Week 11    Cases by IT-reach, average I.Q., pollution-indicies and by median age of a country. 

Week 10   China 80% of cases, Cases worldwide by tourist-volume


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