Covid-19/Sars-CoV-2 Report Week 20

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This week's highlights:

Image 20.1  Covid Overview by World-Regions

Images 20.2a&b  Graphs of G20 cases

Image 20.3  Covid Deaths per Million Citizens

Image 20.4  Covid Recovery rates

Image 20.5  Covid Cases Urban vs Rural

Image 20.6  Covid Table for Pollution Index

Image 20.7  Covid vs BMI/Obesity-Index

Image 20.8  Covid vs HIV

Images 20.9a&b  HOT Spicy Foods plus Map

Bottom: Interesting screenshots and links


Image 20.1 Overview by Region Data from Red indicates above world median and green below median

Images 20.2a&b  Graph of "Active" Cases in the G20 Nations


Image 20.3 Data sorted by Covid Deaths per Million Citizens (Column d/m) After 20 weeks of dispersion, most nations and dependencies are currently reporting less tha 4 deaths per million, eg:  Singapore, Australia, India, Nigeria...   Germany easing lockdowns at  95 deaths per million citizens.


Image 20.4  Data sorted by Covid Recovery rates (Column %r) Median recovery last week was 50% now this week 66% ... Iceland 99%, China 94%, UK now 50% and USA only 23% ...


Image 20.5 Covid Cases sorted by Urban (vs Rural) Percentage (Column "U-R"  Source: Wikipedia) Obviously viruses spread easier in cities but why not easy in Macau or Puerto Rico? Average cases per thousand and average death rate in the three lists: High:   2.1 / 4.2    Middle:   1.6/ 4.3    Low:  0.2 / 3.2


Image 20.6a   Covid Table sorted by Pollution Index (Column "toxic"  Source Average deaths per million for each column shown.

Very strange, the more green a country is, the higher the cases and deaths per million citizens! Average Pollution Index and average cases/deaths per thousand/million shown for each list:  Top:    147 / 1/ 8      Middle:  109 / 1/61         Low:  53/ 11/140


Image 20.6b Map of Pollution Index Source:


Image 20.7  Covid vs BMI/Obesity-Index  Here "BMI" is for adults only and "percentage obesity" for all ages.  Obviously an issue being obese (like me) but middle weight nations ( middle table) shows most deaths per capita!  The BMI excludes children and the population derivative includes children!

Averages for lists below: Left:  28/28/60   Middle: 26/20/89  Right:  23/ 6 / 7


Image 20.8  Covid vs HIV (Source CIA Factbook) Shown for the three tables are median HIV% in a population and average covid deaths per million citizens: Therefore, no evidence that HIV positive patients have higher covid deaths, in fact lower!  Left: 1.5%/ 10  Middle:  0.3%/ 99  Right: 0.04%/ 35  


Images 20.9a&b   Coronavirus vs Countries that eat HOT Spicy Foods plus Map Youtube will delete any video that suggests that "turmeric" a.k.a  urkuma/curcuma/haldi/gurkemeje cures viruses! Here are 66 countries where hot spices are regular part of daily nourishment and thier corona data:

... S1 = 15 hot spice nations meantioned in ... S2 = 51 additional counries in the zones marked in the hot map Image 20.7b below

World:  population 7.8 billion people, with 320,000 covid deaths, means 41 deaths/million.

66 hot spicy nations:  of 5.2 billion people, 21,000 deaths, means less than 4 deaths/million.

150 non-spicy nations:  of 2.6 billion, with 299,00 deaths means 115 deaths/million.

Why? Have I made a mistake or is this real?  Eat hot spicy food!          


Images 20.10 Deleted


Image 20.11 Covid comparisons for City Population Densities in China No proof that cities of higher densities (like New York City) should have higher covid cases! Source: Woldbank


Image 20.12 Mortality in Metropolitan Areas High and therefore Rural Areas Low Source: Financial Times


Images 20.13 & 20.14 & 20.15  Screenshots from Highwire


New interstings links this week: Perspectives on the Pandemic with journalist Sam Husseini Covid effects everyone by Robert Kennedy Jnr. (10min) Fauchi's Vaccines at HighWire with Del Bigtree  The masks are off in USA by The Ingram Angle  Funny song by Media Bear (4min) Gates attacked in Italian Parliament by Sara Cunial Covi Humour 

Confucius says: "He who wears face mask alone in car, also wears condom alone in bed." (Angela Stacy)

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Footnote: "If I get this virus I have only a 20% chance of survival? I belong to FOUR risk groups and live in the middle of a hotspot!"  Perhaps I had "it" in January when I was horribly down with flu for three weeks? RRG2020


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