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My Heroes and Heroines: People who inspire me. If you want to understand me, then first understand my heroes!


Below the Reporter Heroes are is a list of my 50+ greatest  people who have ever lived and have changed my life!" RRG2021


 A) My List of Independent Reporters

These people are honest and do not paid by government or corporations

Main-stream media is not reliable anymore.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with everything these reporters may state!

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai - inventor of email and researcher

Roman Balmakov "Facts Matter" 

Del Bigtree "Highwire"

Godfrey Bloom - financial economist

Russel Brand

Jimmy Dore  "The Jimmy Dore Show"

Tucker Carlson Mr. News

Tulsi Gabbard  "The Tulsi Gabbard Show"

George Gallaway "The Mother of all Talk Shows"

Dr. Field General "Let's be Frank"

Savanna Hernandez social media reporter

Jackson Hinkle "The Dive"

Christopher Hörstel (German reporter)

David Icke extreme theories

Alex Jones "Infowars"

Charlie Kirk Morality

Ludwig Amadeus Lagerstedt "An0maly"

Scott Manley the rocket man

Clayton & Natalie Morris "Redacted"

Candace Owens - podcaster

Tim Pool"Timcast"

Dan Radiostyle "On the Fringe"

Dave Rubin "The Rubin Report"

Luke Rudkowski "We are Change"

 "SaltyCracker" Anonymous YouTuber

JP Sears   "Awaken with JP"

Palki Sharma "Vantage" at Firstpost TEMP

Andrew Tate "TateSpeech"

Paul Joseph Watson

Simon Webb  "History Debunked'"

Whitney Web - deep researcher and analyst


B) Other heroes

 "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." 

Isaac Newton1675


Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 Teams - astronauts

Martin Armstrong - economist NEW!

Julian Assange  and  Stella Morris  "Wikileaks"

Lord David Attenborough - BBC documentary presenter

Charles Aznavour - singer

Dr. Sam Bailey - honest doctor NEW!

Ludwig van Beethoven - composer

Dr. John Bergman - chiropractor

Sir Richard Branson - entrepreneur

Dr. Zack Bush - Seraphic Group

Jesus Christ - savior

Sam Chui - airline tester

Ivor Cummins - health advisor

Roxy Danckwerts - "Wild is Life" (trust)

Ron DeSantis - politician

Fausto - hunter-gatherer

Benjamin Franklin - inventor

Robert Franz - health supplement advisor

Jacque Fresco - "Venus Project"

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - lawyer

Galileo Galilei - artist and inventor

Daniele Ganzer - peacemaker

Khalil Gibran - prophet

Billy Graham - evangelist

Augustine Graspointner - mother

Howard Hughes - entrepreneur

John F. Kennedy - politician

Dimash Kudaibergen - singer

Adolph Kolping - social worker

Niki Lauda - motor racing driver

Jack Ma - "Alibaba" & "AliExpress"

Yusaku Maezawa - "Dear Moon Project"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - composer

Kary Mullis - PCR inventor

Elon Musk - entrepreneur

Nathan Myhrvold -inventor

Isaac Newton - mathematician

Chuck Norris - actor

Semir Osmanagić - "Bosnian Pyramids"

Tristan Pang - child prodigy

Rand Paul - honest politician

Allan Savory - "Green Desert"

Viktor Schauberger - vortices

Arnold Schwarzenegger -actor - cancelled!

Rupert Sheldrake - parapsychology

Boyan Slat - ocean cleaner

Lauren Southern - "Farmland"

Oliver Stone - filmmaker

Michael Tellinger - "Ubuntuplanet"

Nichola Tesla - inventor

Jesse Ventura - wrestler

Leonardo da Vinci - inventor

Erich von Däniken - archeologist

Lech Wałęsa - politician

Andrew St.Pierre White - 4x4 expert

Karol Josef Wojtyla - Pope

Vlademir Zelenko - physician

... there are others, it takes a while to list them!




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