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My Heroes and Heroines: People who inspire me. If you want to understand me, then first understand my heroes!


"Here is my list of the 50+ greatest  people who have ever lived and have changed my life!" RRG2021


 "If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants." 

Isaac Newton1675


Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 Teams - astronauts

Martin Armstrong - economist NEW!

Julian Assange  "Wikileaks"

Lord David Attenborough - BBC documentary presenter

Charles Aznavour - singer

Dr. Sam Bailey - honest doctor NEW!

Ludwig van Beethoven - composer

Dr. John Bergman - chiropractor

Sir Richard Branson - entrepreneur

Dr. Zack Bush - Seraphic Group

Noam Chomsky - economist - cancelled!

Jesus Christ - savior

Sam Chui - airline tester

Ivor Cummins - health advisor NEW!

Roxy Danckwerts - "Wild is Life" (trust)

Ron DeSantis - politician

Fausto - hunter-gatherer

Benjamin Franklin - inventor

Robert Franz - health supplement advisor

Jacque Fresco - "Venus Project"

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich - lawyer NEW!

Galileo Galilei - artist and inventor

Mahatma Gandhi - politician - cancelled!

Daniele Ganzer - "Secret Armies"

Khalil Gibran - prophet

Billy Graham - evangelist

Augustine Graspointner - mother

Howard Hughes - entrepreneur

John F. Kennedy - politician

Dimash Kudaibergen - singer

Adolph Kolping - social worker

Niki Lauda - motor racing driver

Jack Ma - "Alibaba" & "AliExpress"

Yusaku Maezawa - "Dear Moon Project"

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - composer

Kary Mullis - PCR inventor

Elon Musk - entrepreneur

Nathan Myhrvold -inventor

Isaac Newton - mathematician

Chuck Norris - actor

Semir Osmanagić - "Bosnian Pyramids"

Tristan Pang - child prodigy

Rand Paul - honest politician  NEW!

Allan Savory - "Green Desert"

Viktor Schauberger - vortices

Arnold Schwarzenegger -actor - cancelled!

Rupert Sheldrake - parapsychology

Boyan Slat - ocean cleaner

Lauren Southern - "Farmland"

Michael Tellinger - "Ubuntuplanet"

Mother Teresa - nun - cancelled!

Nichola Tesla - inventor

Jesse Ventura - wrestler

Leonardo da Vinci - inventor

Erich von Däniken - archeologist

Lech Wałęsa - politician

Andrew St.Pierre White - 4x4 expert

Karol Josef Wojtyla - Pope

Vlademir Zelenko - physician

... there are others, it takes a while to list them!



 ... and my HERO REPORTERS:

These people are honest and do not have a boss!

Main-stream media lies too often, is no more reliable.

Disclaimer: I do not agree with everything these reporters may state!

V.A. Shiva Ayyadurai - inventor of email and researcher

Roman Balmakov "Facts Matter" 

***** Del Bigtree "Highwire" *****

Russel Brand

Isaac Butterfield - comedy $ anti-woker 

***** Jimmy Dore *****

Dr. Fiels Generald Frank "Let's be Frank"

George Gallaway "The Mother of all Talk Shows"

Godfrey Bloom - financial economist 

Gerald G. Grosz (German)

Christopher Hörstel (German reporter)

David Icke extreme theories

Alex Jones "Infowars"

Dr. Ulrich Krämer "DocUli TV" (German)

Stefan Molyneux philosophy

***** Ludwig Amadeus Lagerstedt "An0maly" *****

Tim Pool "Timcast"

Nick Rekieta "RekietaLaw"

Dave Rubin "The Rubin Report"

Luke Rudkowski "We are Change"

 "SaltyCracker" Anonymous YouTuber

JP Sears   "Awaken with JP"

***** Paul Joseph Watson *****

Simon Webb  "History Debunked'"


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