Photo-Mosaics by Rangutan



Submit a portrait picture of YOURSELF, relation or pet, and I will digitaly tile it with 3600+ matching thumbnails of kid/teen funny faces, cinema posters, postage-stamps or LP-album-covers. (Soon also; paintings, animals, or mandalas) I will send you the rendered image result by email, in printable JPG format, ~10MB, for you to share online or get printed as a poster. For PERSONAL USE ONLY and original artwork, these may not be used commercially since some thumbnails may be sensitive to copyright yet the "fair use" rule is assumed.   This is a hobby of mine, not business! There are 25 examples shown below.


This service is also available free to my family & friends.


Each of the 3600+ thumbnails, 200x200 pixels make up an enlarged poster, compressed to limit but clear being 300dpi when looking close to poster or zooming.  I do not have/keep the larger originals. 


The funny-faces of kids are cropped from previews in creative commons searches or free stock photo sources like PixabayPixelsPexels, PXFuel,  UnSplashNeedPixFreeImagesetc, or from social photo-sharing websites like Instagram, Imgur, VK, Imgsrc, Pinterest, etc.  Themes are mainly from sport events, public functions, festivals and fun. Some are public released selfies.  I have avoided studio photos, models, celebrities and especially professional photography, unless they are noted as "CC" (creative commons). The thumbnails represent every nation of the world, every color, creed and nationality!


The stamp images are from StampWorld* , may contain water-marks. The planned LD-film-covers will be from LDDB* and music-covers from Discogs*                                                                                                    * pending approval


The size of the delivered image is at least 50x50cm or 60x40cm but generous folk will get larger results and/or various extra effects, also poster size EU 841x1189mm (US 24"x36".). Wallart (wall-paper), no size limit, is possible as a single image can be rendered into multiple posters!  Rendered results under 10MB are sent as email attachment, and larger files are stored on Google-Cloud for download (not public).

- Main Database by IMSI MasterClips ( I have 500,000 licensed images)

- Cropping by FastStone Capture   (free)                                                                                                        

- Color-control by ImageSorter (free)

- Color hues and image improvement by PhotoShop 7.0 (licensed)

- Rendering powered by Photo-Mosaik-Edda  (my licensed professional version)



We are all unique, there is a huge variety in our DNA, we are made up of a pool of characters and subjects. We are one world, united. This art may show that? 


Example: For Greta Thunberg 

Photo by EU-Parliament 


Zoom: type=kids,  style=grid


Zoom: type=kids, style=grid


Zoom: type=music, style=grid

... for Dimash Kudaibergen

Photo by Robert Sullivan (Flickr)


Zoom: type = kids,  style = grid


Zoom: type=stamps, style=parquet

Sample: Adult with postage stamps

 Zoom: type=stamps,  style=chaos


Zoom:  type=stamps,  style=grid


Size is no limit but rendering will take hours. Resulting image will be divided into standard-size posters. Commisions accepted.


Hues and effects are possible to match your room/decoration colors.


Current thumbnail databank:

8,000 funny kid faces

8,000 music LP-coveres of the 50s (soon: LPs of the 60s, 70s, 80s)

4,000 world postage stamps 2010-2020 (will be expanded to 8,000)

3,000 feature film LD-covers  (will be expanded to 8,000)

500 Mandalas (will be expanded to 8,000)


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