My Heritage as a "Graspointner"


This is intended for my German neighbors and telephone callers, a lot hate me and treat me as an alien because I have a hard English accent in the middle of Bavaria.  I have come to witness that most Germans are racist in one way or another. They are taught to overcome and love other races after the WW2 experience. In public, a German is forced to praise (for example) Black or Jewish people but as soon as the "Ausländer" moves in next-door they act extremely protective, critical and even hostile. Münchners will generally not visit "Hofbräuhaus" because there are too many Asians ("Japaner") there! They welcome refugees with but wish them to be located somewhere else?


Born from a father near Salzburg and a refugee mother from "Südettenland" (Czech) in SOUTH AFRICA (my father first thought of Brazil to escape post-war Europe), I was brainwashed in school for 12 years to practice apartheid.  We were active members of two Catholic communities in Johannesburg which preached love for all humans and my family, with most our friends applied, done that! I voted "yes" in the 1989 RSA referendum which was the start of the end of the apartheid system. 


In my case I can defend my heritage but sadly so many cannot. Does it really matter? Racists should to a DNA test! They will usually ind that they have Asian or African blood in them. ... to find out that we are are ONE spieses, ALL of us a mixture of nations.


My DNA:!dna


Seems I am living in the right place!


My known family (Status 1992)


There are 27 white-page telephone entries registered under the name "Graspointner" in Germany.


The Graspointner Wiki: (needs an update after 10 years!)



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