SARS-Cov-2 & Covid-19 December 2020 (2020-12-31)

Note: This is a delayed and half-hearted report since a local friend of mine died of Covid-19 in November. I have many preconditions too and the data/media tells me I am sure to die soon too.  God will choose. The coronavirus is a deadly disease to some groups of people, far less to others.  A good immune-system is the best strategy against Covid-19. Get enough vitamin-D & C plus zinc and turmeric.


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Contents in this report:

  • Image 53.1  Covid-19 Deaths per Million in USA States with selected Nations, Provinces and Cities
  • Image 53.2  Covid Status by World Regions mid-Month 2020-12-16
  • Image 53.3   World Regional Data by Wikipedia
  • Image 53.4  Graphs of Deaths-per-million in the G20 Nations
  • Image 53.5  Graphs of Recovery Rates in the G20 Nations
  • Image 53.6  Covid vs Electrosmog
  • Image 53.7  Covid vs 5G Theory
  • Image 53.8  Covid vs IQ
  • Images 53.9 & 53.10  Covid by ethnicity in USA
  • Image 53.11  Deaths from all causes
  • Image 53.12 &  Table by Andrew Mather
  • Comparing Symptoms
  • Food for thought
  • List of Previous Reports
  • Interesting links for discussion in December

  • Up-to-date Sources
  • Scientific Method vs Political Method
  • humour
  • page visits data


Image 53.1   Covid-19 Deaths per Million in USA States with selected Nations, Provinces and Cities


Image 53.2  Covid-19 Status by World Regions 2020-12-31

The case numbers of some countries are questionable. Counting covid-cases is like counting votes in the USA.


Sorted by "deaths-per-million" (d/M) and showing Recovery Rates (R%) Data by Worldometer.

Red = above average ... Green = below average

Strange observations:

  • North-West of the world globe worst and South-East globe has the fewest deaths
  • High tech and high IQ countries worse off
  • In EU;  Belgium, France, Greece and Cyprus have 9% - 7% recoveries
  • Why do UK, Sweden, Netherlands and Spain not report recoveries?
  • Uruguay healthy yet lies between Brazil and Argentina
  • Iran and Israel have excess Radar, worst electrosmog!
  • Multi-cultural South Africa an exception in Africa, also high latitude and partially high altitude.
  • Due to current excess mortality, Russia may be third worst of in the world?
  • India has a very good 96% recovery rate, must be turmeric?
  • Peru, double altitude sickness?
  • Sweden shows average case numbers without Draconian measures, economy saved! Brazil?
  • High density Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore have most extraordinary harmless data
  • Bhutan, Cambodia and Laos do not have any Covid-19 deaths yet
  • There are 15 countries and dependencies that have no Covid-19 cases
  • There are 37 countries and dependencies that have not reported any Covid-19 deaths


Image 15.3   World Regional Data by Wikipedia


Image 53.4  Graphs of Covid Deaths in G20 Nations


Image 53.5  Graphs of Recovery Rates in the G20 Nations. Find Waldo?


Image 53.6  Covid-19 vs Electrosmog

5G does NOT cause Covid directly but weakens the immune system like every high frequency radiation e.g. radar.

Even WiFi and mobile communications may affect health. This spreadsheet raises questions?

Here, the world is divided into three groups by internet connectivity (Source: InternetWorldStats)

       Connectivity 99% - 82%                   Connectivity 81% - 55%                    Connectivity 54% - 5%

  Covid deaths: 596 per million          Covid deaths: 217 per million         Covid deaths: 70 per million


Image 53.7  Covid vs 5G Testing (5G data source:

 Countries with 5G tests or rollout                     Countries with only 4G communications or less

  Deaths per million: 267                                                 Deaths per million: 101


Image 53.8  Covid vs IQ (IQ data from

Very strange that Covid-19 does 3x  more damage to nations with higher IQ average with exceptions in Asia.


Images 53.9 & 53.10  Covid-19 by ethnicity in USA

Covid-19 cases are diverse across nations but also across ethnic groups within a country. Africa has the lowest covid case numbers but hot weather, less travel, less electrosmog and natural nutrition instead of junk-food which may be the causes of fewer infections? Asians eat spicy food!


Image 53.11  Deaths from all causes this year (Source: Worldmeters)


Image 35.12 & 35.13  Tables by Andrew Mather Status 2020-12-14

"So this is a virus that attacks 100 times more aggressively if you're a rich powerful western power centre selling a vaccine..." From


Graph showing deaths-per-100-million (LHS axis) vs Big-Pharma Markets (blue dots to RHS axis)  by A. Mather


Comparing Symptoms (source WHO & co)


Excess deaths (all causes) in UK? by Januka Peiris

Covid-19 certainly the cause of a lot of excess deaths this year but a big bunch of them this year are from excess; hunger, suicide, untreated heart conditions, untreated liver disease, untreated cancer, drugs, alcoholism, bad nutrition and fear. Then there is also falsely claimed death from Covid-19 encouraged by hospital payments. What percentage? Figures? I hope to find data soon. I challenge WHO to find this out very soon!


Food for thought:

  • One may die of diabetes when consuming too much sugar.
  • One may die of an "accident" when driving fast.
  • One may die of "cancer" when smoking tobacco.
  • One may die of liver sclerosis when drinking too much alcohol.
  • One may die of "AIDS" when infected by HIV*.
  • So likewise, one may die of "ARDS" when infected by a SARS virus,

Then, why write the indirect cause on the death-certificate or record it in morbidity data? You will not find the cause of death on certificates like; sugar, speed, tobacco, alcohol, medication, vaccination, Coca-Cola, McDonalds.... so why SARS/Covid-19? Really, if you die from the SARS virus and Covid-19, you are really dying of "AIDS" =  acquired immunodeficiency syndrome!

It is body-health that determines cure or death. A strong immune system can neutralize almost any foreign body. Covid-19 restrictions help keeping our hospital beds empty but do NOT help to get rid of the virus. Stuff like disinfection-spray or colloidal silver (injected?) kills the virus!


Using cigarette filters does not prevent cancer and using masks does not guarantee protection from SARS!

Solutions: Build more temporary hospitals if necessary (use army), we need them anyway for natural disasters and wars. The sooner herd immunity is reached, the better for everyone and the community (Sweden). Promote immunity-system-improvement with vitamins, essential minerals, quinine etc. and isolate the elderly these few months, not the children, youth and young working population!


* Theory, HIV does not cause AIDS:


RRG 2020



Interesting links for discussion in December:

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Scientific Method vs Political Method Source unknown

... and some more humour. See also my "Covid Humor" album at FaceBook: "Rangutan's Humor" (126 images)

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