About Me

I was born in Parkmore, Sandton (Johannesburg), South Africa in 1960, parents from Bavaria and Sudetenland, went to school there, followed by University of Witwatersrand to get a BSc (Building). Then worked as a construction engineer/manager from 1988-2004. I came on vacation to Germany 2002, loved it and stayed here, done my last 5 building projects in Germany.


I found construction management extremely stressful as I had social-phobia (a type of Asperger Syndrome as a kid) and then in Germany, also battled with German grammar and writing. So, I switched from Building to IT. As a technician, I quite easily solved ~ 2000 hotline maintenance calls, installed 8000+ computers in the panic of the Y2K problem for Allianz AG.  My carrier ended a year after getting married, got chronically ill and permanently unemployed with poly-neuropathy, a degenerative spine condition and atrial fibrillation, then divorced after six years. Effects from misuse of alcohol combined with side effects of medication have caused plenty of other health issues. My right leg was amputated in May 2018. 


Since then, I have adapted very well to my situation. I sometimes get the feeling I will pass on soon but, other times, that I can live forever. Thus, the time has come, my last chance,  to share all my inventions and philosophy with the world. It took me 20 years to start a web-page, then done it in a few days ... the same procrastination continues with other important plans!



Rudi Graspointner

 Stuff I am interested in:

  • inventing
  • philosophy
  • astronomy
  • astrophysics
  • space travel
  • photography
  • amazon-store
  • home-cinema
  • classical music
  • ebay-shopping
  • formula-one fan
  • laserdisc collection
  • community work
  • plane-spotting
  • eco-villages
  • music & art
  • gardening
  • traveling
  • romance
  • cooking
  • religion
  • politics
  • humor
  • travel
  • a cat



Detailed photos and a few open albums at > https://www.facebook.com/Rangutan/photos


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