About me:

I was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1960, parents from Bavaria and Sudetenland, went to school in Sandton and University of Witwatersrand to get a BSc. Then worked as a construction engineer/manager from 1988-2004. I came on holiday to Germany 2002, loved it and stayed here, done my last 5 building projects in Germany.


I found management stressful as I had social-phobia and no lessons in the German language. Switched to the IT branch as a technician very easily and attended to ~ 2000 hot-line maintenance calls, installed 8000+ computers in the panic of the Y2K problem and as worked in project-teams.  My carrier ended 3 years after getting married, and became unemployed since 2005 when falling very ill to polyneuropathy and Atrial fibrillation. Right leg amputated 2018. 


Since then, I have adapted to my situation. I sometimes get the feeling I will pass on soon and other times that I can live forever. Thus, the time has come, my last chance,  to share my inventions and thoughts to the world. It took me 20 years to even try a web-page-design, now done it in a few days!



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