SARS-CoV-2/CoVid-19 Report Week23 ending 2020-06-07

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  • Image 23.1  Countries with more than 10,000 Active cases
  • Image 23.2  Covid Active cases by World Regions
  • Image 23.3   Covid cases in the G20 Countries
  • Image 23.4  Graph of G20 Covid deaths per Million Citizens
  • Image 23.5  Most Covid deaths reported this week
  • Image 23.6  Countries reporting 3, 2 , 1 or no deaths this week
  • Image 23.7  Covid vs Happiness-Index
  • Intermediate Conclusions
  • Air Traffic
  • Humour


Image 23.1 Countries with most active cases and some with less than 100 active cases

Most active cases:                                                                                                   95 to 2 active cases:

Note small countries Qatar (3 million), Oman (5 million)                            Note large countries like Vietnam (97 million) Thailand 

and Kuwait (4 million citizens) China is not on this list!                              (70 million) and Myanmar (54 million citizens)


Image 23.2  Covid Active cases by World Regions

UK, Netherlands and Sweden do not report recovered case numbers. I have assumed these to be 66% as the world median indicates!  Far East population totals 3 billion but deaths are less than 10 per million across the board!


Image 23.3   Covid cases in the G20 Countries

Yes, in Australia someone rose from the dead?


Image 23.4 Graph of G20 Covid deaths per Million Citizens


Image 23.5 Most Covid deaths reported this week (column "delta-d")


Image 23.6  Countries reporting 3, 2 , 1 or no deaths this week (column "delta-d")


Image 23.7  Covid vs Happiness-Index (h) Why is it that the happier folk have more deaths but quicker recovery rates?


Images 23.8a  & 23.8b Comparison of daytime Air traffic in USA & EU (from RadarBox 2020-06-09) USA still trying to do social distancing

.... meanwhile in Europe:  (same population size)


Interesting links: Unmasking Co-Vid Science by Tony Robbins (13 minutes) Meanwhile in Britain by BBC (43 minutes) Use of hydroxychloroquine being suspressed by Del Bigtree (14 minutes) Mathematical Covid Model Analysis by Andrew Mather (12min.)


Anomalies in official data

  • we do not know how honest some countries report
  • in USA hospitals are encoraged by reporting covid related deaths as they paid much more for that
  • in week 20 Ecuador cancelled ~5,000 positive cases
  • in week 23 France (or Wordometers) purged 35,000 positive cases
  • the cases of Benin are not trusted
  • Australia had 103 covid deaths last week and 102 now. Someone rose from the dead?


My intermediate conclusions:

Ideas and notes collectd the last few weeks.

Not all nice but true! Please let me know, with proof, where I can be wrong

  • CoVid-19 is more highly contageous and more deadly than other forms of viruses
  • The "Diamond Princess" should be the model of true covid data: 13 deaths for 712 cases (2%) av.age 68 years
  • everyone in major cities of the world will contract the covid-virus within a few years eventually
  • flattening the curve does not stop deaths, it extends lives for a few months
  • it is deadly ~90% to elderly persons with other serious illnesses
  • the best precaution against covid is a good immune-system supported by vitamins, minerals and herbs
  • polititians and media have failed and refrained from informing the public how to improve immune-systems
  • vaccines kill just as many people as a virus does and disables millions of users
  • the black folks in UK are dying more than whites but they are not eating the nourishment of their ancestors
  • USA is suffering most from obesity and eating junk-food, sugar, food-coloring and excess processed foods
  • countries that eat hot-spicy foods are better off
  • governments are pleased that they will save on paying pensions and medical bills
  • governments are pleased to reduse the amount of elderly citizens that do not pay taxes
  • some millenials are releaved not to have to worry about the elderly and benefit from inheritance of wealth
  • covid chases tourists, technology and I.Q. most easily
  • accumulated case numbers is misguiding the public and causing fear
  • numbers tested are not important, the death rate is more important
  • deaths per million citizens is the only correct covid comparision between countries
  • the southern hemisphere goes into winter but winters are mild, covid will not spread as rapidly as the north
  • Sweden and Brazil will not have a second wave next winter
  • 60 million folk go in to poverty from lock-downs, all that we have done to fight poverty the last 30 years is lost
  • people will in future spend less money on luxuries and fancy holidays
  • air-conditioning spreads viruses rapidly. Some countries do not use air-conditioning. 

The full updated and complete downloadable interactive (sortable-by-column) spreadsheet of my data, for all 239 countries and dependancies containing 20,000+ values. Open-source, please use, download, share ...


Worldometers: >

BNO statistics:  >

See also map showing infected towns and cities by Avi Schiffman


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Footnote: "If I get this virus I have only a 20% chance of survival? I belong to FIVE of six risk groups and live in the middle of a previous hotspot!"  Perhaps I had "it" in January when I was horribly down with flu for three weeks or in March when I had a high temperature for 24 hours!" RRG

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Amid the covid crisis I write "elderly should should take vitamin suppliments and take fresh air and sunshine at home ALONE" ....that lead to this funny artwork: 

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