Covid-19/SARS-CoV-2 Week-18 ending 2020-05-03

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Important: Statitics are scew. Not all positively tested for coronavirus become the covid illness, a lot only mild, a lot untested and not all reported deaths are a result of the coronavirus. Warning: Logorithmic graphs are deceiving! Anyway, take care, specially of the elderly. My work is open-source, free to copy, improve and share.


Text and numbers may be small for smart-phones but there are graphs and links below too.  


Image 18.1a Overview: Worst hit Countries sorted by ACTIVE Covid-19 cases (Column EA)

"Active cases" are accumulated positve test cases minus recoveries and deaths. Shows current hotspots.


Image 18.1b Graph of total "Active Cases" in numbers


Image 18.1c Active Cases of Selected Countries


Image 18.2a&b Positive Cases per Thousand Citizens (All countries & dependencies) & Graph

A ar better comparison of reported positive case numbers is the cases per thousand citizens of a country!


Image 18.3a Deaths per Thousand Citizens and death Percentages.

0.001 deaths per thousand = 1 death per million citizens

18.3b  Graph showing Deaths per Million Citizens of selected countries


Image 18.4a Recoveries in Numbers and Recovery Percentage   

Well done Iceland! UK & Netherlands do not report recoveries, numbers are guessed.


18.4b Recovery Percentages of some Countries


Image 18.5 Deaths by Age and Symptoms in New York  from


Interesting links this week:

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The Lie of Philanthropy by Polly St. George

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„Der Verfassungsnotstand“   Dr. Bodo Schiffmann (Deutsch)

To vax or not to vax? Kennedy & Bigtree Feb 2020

Perspectives on the Pandemic Part 5  Knut Wittkowski

Hysterical reaction in Britain Peter Hitchens 

WHO questions vaccines (text)


Summary of previous reports showing highlights:

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The full updated and complete downloadable interactive (sortable-by-column) spreadsheet of my data, for all 239 countries and dependancies containing 20,000+ values. Open-source, please use, download, share > 


I am human. Please let me know if you find errors here. Accuracy not 100% guaranteed, stats not always correct!

I do this as a hobby, am not connected to any political party, neither paid by any institution!  I am not a conspiracy freek but truth seeker. Much controversy around yet obey the rules of your community!


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See also map showing infected towns and cities by Avi Schiffman


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Footnote: "If I get this virus I have only a 20% chance of survival? I belong to FOUR risk groups and live in the middle of a hotspot!"  Perhaps I had "it" in January when I was horribly down with flu for three weeks? RRG2020


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