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If I had started this crowd-funding three months ago, as intended, the chances of fulfilling this dream would be better. I intended to do a video but procrastination stopped it. Perhaps i still can. the script for  the speech looks like this:


"My whole life I have given a lot to others; gifts, donations, time, love, compromises and understanding.  I am not really the type of person that demands charity or even any help but right now need help getting the correct knowledge, therapy and treatment to make my very bad situation better.


Twelve years of cronical desease and permanent pain, in spite of medical treatment, in and out of classical clinics made available to me. Sadly medication helps a lot, with side-effects, but does not heal.


If I can get myself revived and regenerated I can then procceed easier in developeping my inventions that will make the world a better place, before I die.


I have follow John Bergman and Robert Frans for a long time. I am convinced their knowledge has helped me and will even more with this trip. "


Please help with a small donation or give me tips on how to raise the needed funds."


Love and regards,

Rudolf Graspointner


- Chiropractic Cruise on Azamara

- April 2020

- Munich/Athens/Jerusalem

- cost for two from Munich ca. €8500


If Dr.Bergman finds me a paid cabin partner, I will need to raise only half of €8500 (€4250).


Fund raising by Leetchi:


Cruise details and  lectures


Dr. John Bergman on YouTube:


Robert Franz on YouTube:


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Please do not be shocked by the look of this luxurios ship... some seminars, clinics & hospitals are more expensive!