SARS-CoV-2/Covid-19 Report for July 2020

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In this report:

  • Image 31.1  List of countries with best recovery rates
  • Image 31.2   Recovery Progress in the G20 Nations
  • Image 31.3  Countries with the Highest amount of Deaths in July
  • Image 31. 4   Graph of Covid Deaths per Million Citizens in G20 Nations
  • Image 31.5  Covid by World Region Data Status 2020-07-31
  • Image 31.6  Countries with high amount of deaths in July 2020
  • Graphics from OurWorldData: Per capita Cases and Deaths and daily deaths
  • mathematical proof that lock-downs are  ineffective
  • air traffic
  • CDC guidelines for schools
  • screenshots
  • links
  • more 

Image 31.1  Countries with the Highest Covid-19 Recovery Rates at 2020-07-31  (Column  DE  "R%")

Italy 81%  Brazil 71%  India 65%  USA 49%   UK/Sweden/Spain/Netherlands  = unknown 


Image 31.2   Recovery Progress in the G20 Nations

Australia and South Africa are in a mid-winter climate

Japan slipping but low death rate

Why does France not recover like other european nations? No overview of patient conditions?

UK does not report recoveries or does not care to follow up? Recovery rate guessed! May be as low as France?


Image 31.3 Countries with the Highest amount of Deaths in July (column "DA")

R.I.P but here, most important is are the deaths-per-million-citizens (column "DB") to get a real indication of how hard a country is suffering and the recovery rate (column "DE") where a figure of over 50%  indicates that there are more recoveries than total positive cases, healing!


Image 31. 4   Graph of Covid Deaths per Million Citizens in G20 Nations

Reasons for high death rates = weak immunity; electro-smog, junk-food, obesity, high number of senior citizens, high urban population, too much medication, hard-drugs and over-vaccination ...  ???


Image 31.5 Covid Status by World Regions with sums Sorted by "deaths-per-million-citizens" Column "d/m"

red = above average    green = below average


Image 31.6  Countries with a high amount of deaths in July 2020 (Column "DA")

Sum of regions also shown

Europe Union totals  only 3015 covid deaths in July and to date 308 deaths per million citizens.

In 84 countries there where ZERO covid deaths in July.


Best Covid Graphics from OurWorldData: Per capita Cases and Deaths (selected countries)


Best Covid Graphics from OurWorldData: Daily Deaths (selected countries)

Greeks must have an extraordinary immune-system. Perhaps feta-cheese and ouzo are a secret cure?


Mathematical Proof that Lock-Downs are ineffective by Andrew Mather

Video 1: Countries A-F

Video 2: Countries G-N

Video 3: Countries M-Z

Four screenshots


Image 31.x Air-Traffic

Airline traffic dropped to about 10-20% in May, now in July is at about 60-70% of flights but most bigger aircraft still parked.

It is tourism and international businessmen that spread covid-19 so now we will some smaller second-waves?

Image 31.x CDC Guidelines for Schools

I personally think these measures are cruelty to children, mistreatment and criminal!


Image 31.x Sad state of Health-Care in USA from the "Economist"

Fauchi & Co should fix this too!


Other screenshots


Most interesting links this month:

The ultimate mathematical analyses for Covid-19 by Andrew Mather (24 minutes)

Mathematical analysis of selected countries  by Andrew Mather (14 minutes)

Best Covid-19 report ever by Swiss Policy Research:  (70+ pages text)

What we don't know about covid with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

11 assumptions about covid text

Failed or unconfirmed cures for covid (list)

Shocking state of a hospital in NY by Und3cov3er (25 minute video)

Bill "Monster" Gates smirks at next pandemic ( 1 minute clip)

Coronavirus effects my be worse than imagined by SkyNews (4 minutes)

Covid assumptions (text)

Best Covid-19 report ever by Swiss Policy Research  (70+ pages)

Meanwhile in South Africa by Dr. Holliday 

Vaccine-induced autoimmune dysautonomia text

USA unprepared  web-page



If you would like to check my main spreadsheet of data, share it, check it or use it:     

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My observed facts, observations, conclusions and suspicions:

Not all nice but obvious! Please let me know, with proof, where I can be wrong.

WARNING, not saying all of this is true but a lot should be investigated. Might provoke or disturb some? 

  • CoVid-19 is more highly contagious and quite deadly virus ONLY  for people in distinct risk groups or the wrong hospital
  • The "Diamond Princess" should be the model of true covid data: 13 deaths for 712 cases (2%) av.age 68 years?
  • everyone in major cities of the world will contract the covid-virus within a few years eventually
  • flattening the curve does not stop deaths, it extends lives for a few months
  • it is deadly to most elderly persons with other serious illnesses
  • the best precaution against covid is a good immune-system supported by vitamins, minerals and herbs
  • politicians and media have failed and refrained from informing the public how to improve immune-systems
  • vaccines kill a lot of people, may have horrible side-effects and may disable millions of patients.
  • the black folks in UK are dying more than whites but they are not eating the nourishment of their ancestors
  • USA is suffering most from obesity and eating junk-food, sugar, food-coloring and excess processed foods
  • countries that eat hot-spicy foods are better off
  • governments may be very pleased that they will save on paying pensions and medical bills
  • governments are relieved to reduce the amount of elderly citizens that do not pay taxes
  • some millennials may feel  relieved not to have to worry about the elderly and benefit from inheritance of wealth
  • covid chases tourists, technology and I.Q. most easily
  • accumulated case numbers (most are solved now) ares misguiding the public and causing fear
  • numbers tested are not important, the death rate is more important
  • deaths per million citizens is the only correct covid comparison between countries
  • the southern hemisphere goes into winter but winters are mild, covid will not spread as rapidly as the north
  • with less lock-down, Sweden, Belarus, Japan, Thailand and Brazil will not have a second wave next winter?
  • 60 million folk go in to poverty from lock-downs, all that we have done to fight poverty the last 30 years is lost
  • people will in future spend less money on luxuries and fancy holidays
  • air-conditioning spreads viruses rapidly. Some countries do not use air-conditioning. 
  • why do some countries not report covid recovery numbers?
  • we should ask if extending the lives of the sick and vulnerable is worth destroying economies
  • to reduce world population, more viruses will be invented and released on the public?


Footnote: Nearing Doomsday? If I get this virus, I have only a 20% chance of survival? I belong to FIVE of six risk groups and live in the middle of a previous hotspot!"  Perhaps I had "it" in January when I was horribly down with flu for three weeks or in March when I had a high temperature for 24 hours!" RRG2020